About me

Hi, I’m Dora. 

How I started La Travellita blog

I have been writing a travel blog for six years. I started after I decided that reading travel books and study tourism management is not enough. At the beginning I was discovering my nearest area, and I was surprised to find out that there are amazing places so close to my hometown. I was shy and not confident, but travelling shaped my character and opened me to people. I gained the courage to go further and further and then I had a need to save my memories and to share them the way I saw them. Year 2020 was a breakthrough in my life in many ways. As I broadened my horizons in travelling I also wanted some changes on my website. That’s why I moved from Blogger to WordPress and started fresh in both languages Polish and English. The main reason for blogging is still the same, but there is also a new goal to use my blog as an extra source of money. If you think we can work together, please visit the page What can I do for you.

What is my blog about 

My posts are full of stories and experiences that could never be found in a guide book and that makes it easy to read. Each post also contains useful tips and details. I want to share with you practical information which I personally find important and would make my trips easier if someone told me about them before I went. I mostly travel on a budget with a small backpack, so you can learn from my experience. But beware, you will not find here an obvious content which is only a bla bla to fill the page, for example I will not write you a tip to take your camera and 5 pair of socks! My voice is honest and pretty straight forward. I don’t colorize, I describe as it really is, so you won’t be disappointed when you check yourself.  I’m also a vegetarian foodie, so you can find on my website some recommendations on where to dine if you don’t eat meat or want to try something else. 

Who is my blog for

La Travellita is either for real travelers or couch travelers and dreamers. Each post from the destination section begins with a story, which takes you to the place as you were actually there. And the second part of the post is a practical one to help you organize a trip if you are planning to go there. There is also a page on the top menu dedicated to general travel tips, for example if you wonder how I manage to pack my small 30l backpack for 2 months journey.

About my travels

I come from the south-eastern Poland which is a culturally rich region with complex history. It is my center of interest when it comes to travelling. During the past few years I spend every weekend exploring more or less known areas along the eastern border. It was a fascinating experience when you stand next to a church wondering why it’s in the middle of nowhere, and then you realise that just 70 years ago there was a big village around. Hundreds of houses disappeared, cowered by the forest. At that moment your imagination can explode picturing life in the past and the shortness of it.  

As you might already noticed I like to explore off the beaten track places. I also enjoy alternative form of travelling, from volunteering in an off grid farm in Portugal to crazy border crossing on a small boat from El Salvador to Nicaragua. Life taught me to say YES to opportunities. But I can sometimes seem to be boring, sitting in an obscure cafe, watching locals with their ordinary life. Or feeling excited to wait in a station so I can observe people around, it’s more fascinating than a soap opera, you would be surprised how many emotions can happen on the station.

I had to do some solo female travelling to really appreciate companion. It’s a different sensation, I think it’s good to try them both and don’t limit yourself. Flexibility is the biggest lesson what travelling tought me.

If you want to know even more about me, keep reading

My favourite country in Europe is … Italy. I have been to 5 regions which were very different but they had one thing in common: fiery temper and diversity.

The biggest travel surprise…  Albania, with it’s stunning coastline and good coffee.

The place I didn’t want to leave… Pacific Coast in Nicaragua, the local vibe of a tranquil fishing village and good waves for surfing just caught my heart.

I adore… discovering off the beaten path places and exploring alternative spots, like abandoned buildings.

Very important to me is… nature with its recharging silence and spacious surroundings. 5-days trek in the Guatemalan jungle, far from civilization, was my experience of a lifetime. Some people call it ecotourism, I call it the foundation of travelling.

My dream destinations are… spacious steppes in Kazakhstan and Mongolia, silence in remote tajga, trekking in Himalayas, culture experience in Georgia, rough Patagonia and wild Amazon. 

What else do I do… I enjoy a good book or movie, permaculture gardening, yoga and playing with my cats.

I hope… this blog will be an inspiration for you and help you plan some travels of your own. 

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Oh, really it’s not enough information for you and you want to know more? Ok, then don’t hesitate to write a question on the comment below. I will answer as soon as I can!

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