7 things to do for travelers when you stay at home

Restrictions of travelling due to pandemic hit especially the wanderlust souls around the world. If you have itchy feet, it must not be easy for you to remain inside.  But you don’t have to be overwhelmed by a global panic, instead use the extra time productively, when you stay at home. Here are some tips to help you stay in a travel mode of the brain, even when you are grounded.

What can a traveler do at home

  1. Get inspired. Read the travel books, blogs, watch road movies. Do you have your favourite one? Share in the comment to inspire others.
  2. Plan. Take a look at the map, and plan the route for the next trip. Mark the best places worth stopping, find out how to get there. Collect information about these places, like visa, currency, customs.
  3. Learn a foreign language. There is no more excuse for you to polish your communication skills. You have got enough time to finally do it. Install an app for learning and set yourself a regime, like one hour every other day. Speaking foreign languages makes traveling easier and deeper, as you can make a relationship with local people.
  4. Organize your travel photos, videos and notes. I don’t know how about you, but I am always postponing this task, finding more important things to do. But believe me, it’s so much easier when you have it organised, and you can find the exact folder by one click. It’s worth your time!
  5. Become a digital nomad. Don’t get short of money just because you are staying home. There are many online jobs which can give you an extra income. Search on Facebook groups or websites like Upwork.
  6. Create a webinar about your travels. If you miss conversations with other travelers met during your journeys, and you don’t want to feel isolated, it’s a great way to keep in touch with the world. Share your adventures and thoughts and make a presentation of your travel photos. 
  7. Be active on travel forums to exchange experience. Physical isolation doesn’t mean mental isolation.

3 things which you should NOT do:

  1. Book a flight ahead. Don’t take a risk, we don’t know when it will be safe to travel again.
  2. Travel. It’s not worth ignoring the recommendation of staying at home. It’s only temporary! You can survive, just be patient and make the most of these home time.
  3. Be depressed. It will not help if you are drawn in pessimistic visions. Instead of thinking negative, make a strategy for the next few weeks, sign up for a free course about the power of your mind and take a deep insight into your mind.

Stay at home and plan

To sum up, there are plenty of interesting things to do when you are grounded. Doesn’t matter if it happened at your home or during the journey to Bali. It’s your time now, be motivated and creative. Join with others who are in the same situation. And most of all, keep healthy! 

A book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other hand, blanket with a nordic pattern on the legs of a person sitting on the armchair.

Have you got more ideas? Share them in a comment below!

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